A stairway to heaven

a poem by tailang taya, India

In dream i saw da stairs,
Dat golden shone n ended long by clouds.
Rare 2 da eyes dat ever saw,
A stairway 2 heaven!

Wonders thus so filled my heart.
Joyous screams of joy escaped.
Closer came i 2 da stairs
N took a step upon da stair.

woes of woes! Oh! Woe betide!
Woke up as da foot did slide,
As normal tide da stairs it vanished.
N myself found at da arms of da realitie's eye.

All it had been but a dream.
But da feel of it so realistic like.
Set my rock firm belief dat stairs,
Did exist somewhere hidden 2 find.

In searching searched da whole world wide,
N scrapped n looked all by da maps design,
But searching found not my heart's desire,
Dat stair in my dream so real; I desired!

Desperate thus; Wished atleast da dream would follow.
Den saw a widow whose facial dress told,
Loaded down n struggling steps 2 take.
In her face engraved life's miseries n breathing breathe 4 rest.

Stranger 2 my own self i knew.
Service which i never--i rendered.
Took dat heavy load upon her head.
N saw her tanking,"Thou gabriel!".

Followed her,2 her humble abode.
Longer walked den my body's desire.
My failing strength voiced,
N forced me ask a bed 2 lie.

In dream again i saw saw dat stairs,
But stood beside; A man of glorious white.
An atmospheric divinity feel; i so felt.
In a booming voice so loud he spoke.

"Hear ye! Oh! Seeker hear!"
Seek not wat ur heart so truly desire,
As u climb higher wen ur hand 2 da needy extend.
Da poor n helpless,who needs thy hand".

Same applies so in every1's life.
Each step 2 da stair we take,
Wen our helping hand helps,
Da poor n da needy.

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