A traveller's saga (Dedicted 2 her)

a poem by tailang taya, India

In that path,blinded by smog,
I took each step unknown.
Each step closing me home or back?
Fingers closed;A decision left 2 destiny.

Much i had trodden dis familiar,unknown path.
Much my heart,a beat it missed.
Couldn't stay n seal my fate,
Couldn't turn back n perish!

This da way had been my journey.
Hoping;A thing worth wasting.
Crying;A thing mere childish.
I had walked n walked dis circling path.

Then beheld a light so bright.
Before its majestic presence flee da smog.
The path now so clear as conscience voice.
Made me wonder,"Wat art thou?"

Took a step closer 2 kill da cat.
Behold!I beheld!
A heart red of da ruby;Purest of all shone.
Its lit fueled by da intensity of its purity.

A feeble hand of mine i stretched,
Hoping but its possesion.
A miserable being,poor me!
An act no better den a ravenous tiger guarding a sheep.

Much 2 astound me n my act.
Came instead da heart,flying closer 2 my chest.
I stared; Unbelievable stare!
Out of curiosity;I froze!

Can a soldier mistake his enemy 2 a friend?
Share a drink n cheer,"To ur gud health!"?
Slowly i moved;Closer my hand.
To lay a touch upon dis object.

Shone wit double its lit upon my touch.
A wave of life through me ran.
Strengthen now i saw all around me da smog,
Fading,fading n gone!

Up ahead i saw my home.
Screams of joys escape i ran;Heart pressed closer.
Thou da heart;One of its kind.
A maiden heart of da purest;Heir of da legend!

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