M, M and M - An Alliteration of “M”.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

March, is a month of many guises;
of manifestations and motley surprises!
Mad March Hares, madly dance
in harebrained moves. They prance
to a macabre mix of matrimonial melodies,
that misdirect and mislead misogynist enemies.
Meeker mesmerised mice may not approve!
Moreover, many moronic mammals may move
miles from the morass of muddy, messy meld,
in which their mad minded meeting, is held.
March winds make for a massed merging, and mingling
of clouds. Military manoeuvres - mostly by marching
minors - midgets, meandering and mincing to minuets,
and a majority of master musicians, under massive minarets,
magnificently modulating mixed melliferous musical melodies.
Maybe manipulating a masquerade for a midday reprise?
Meanwhile, mature mothers must motivate their maestro male,
to make masterful, manly efforts, to master and prevail!
Maintaining muted musing - a moot point - means men debate
many mental matters, merely to master the most intricate
machinations: maybe mulling over memories? This too, may make
men more mindful when murdering mixed metaphors! They might take
morbid minds from more menial tasks. But merely musing and meddling
with a morass of maniacal monetary mysteries, is merely minor peddling
in a massive mish mash of mental madness, that’s mawkish but matchless!
Maybe why many miserly, miserable mortals approach March with meekness?
March is mostly a maniac’s madcap mosaic, of much mulling over motivation:
a melange of mindless meanderings: a matrix of mature mental alliteration!
My intent? Was to manufacture a manuscript, as a rhyming “M” example,
of nonsensical cockamamie musings, and nothing more! This? Merely a sample!

Rhymer. March 20th, 2015.

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