a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

The first day I entered the school,
I was a toddler with aimless moves,
Afraid of everyone around me,
And curious on seeing anything new.

Talking less and observing more,
I made friends like never before.
Sitting on the first bench ever alert,
Concentrating on every word said by the teacher.

Time elapsed and I grew,
In the lap of my ever loving school.
Liked by teachers and loved by friends,
Those days had cherishable memories every second.

Whenever I needed help my teachers were near,
Coming to the end of my school years,
Nostalgic memories are brought back,
With a tinge of laughter and tears.

Time will move on, so will I,
Days and moments will surely pass by.
But the love in my heart will always be felt,
For the temple of education before which I knelt.


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