Loose Lips Sink Ships

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Loose lips, sink ships
So careful how you speak
Beware my dears, walls have ears
They listen and they sneak

It’s no charade, don’t drop your guard
The enemy’s very near
Be on your toes, and don’t suppose
Don’t let them overhear

Can’t be a fool, they’ll try to school
See strangers giving lifts
With chocolate bars, great fancy cars
Watch the Greek who’s baring gifts

Please be alert, and do assert
Open ears and open eyes
Although he loathes, he’ll wear them clothes
To blind you with disguise

We’re in a war, oh that’s for sure
But try to stay in front
Can’t fall behind, and lost ground find
We have to be so blunt

Be guarded friend, or it’s the end
We cannot here relax
Stand firm and tall, and do not fall
To random death attacks

The Maltese Falcon Vol I

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