a poem by tobias kerins, UK

If there’s one thing in life, that I cannot stand
That I believe, should be totally banned
That’s makes my skin crawl, my hairs stand on end
A person that drives me, right round the bend

They think they’re clever, but are crass and crude
Highly offensive, with bad attitude
They love to judge, look down their noses
If they fell in sewage, would be smelling of roses

They think they’re better, a much higher class
Completely aloof, as bold as brass
They preach many things, in their vocal crusade
On the moral high ground, as they masquerade

You shouldn’t do this, and that’s uncouth
Before your back is turned, they’re living proof
They are doing just what, they claim is bad
Total hypocrites, these people are sad

Wash your hands, of this social outcast
And nail your colours, to the mast
Stand and deliver, and these idiots teach
Put into practise, just what you preach

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