Throw The Keys Away

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Throw The Keys Away

Blatantly cold, tried to shove out of sight
Ignored and denied, from a great height
Made to feel worthless, degraded and down
Shunned and abused, chased out of town

Treated with disdain, branded with guilt
Despised and hated, a campaign built
Throw the keys away, lock him up for life
Sever all links, like the butcher with knife

Journalists evolve, with fervour and hype
Get teeth into story, so rosy and ripe
Assemble their facts, talk to neighbours around
Facts are fragile, the story unsound

A man's life has been changed, for worse not better
And all because, of an evil letter
The bloodhounds pounced, and these words they siezed
Too many, too often, would believe with ease

Isolated, banished, a castaway made
To live his life he was now afraid
This man made to melt, like ice carried out
A typical victim of stories of doubt

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