a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The screams are loud and they indicate trouble
But these screams are trapped in an ominous bubble
The pleas for help often fall on deaf ears
To go unnoticed of the crier the fears

The pain is stifling and the insults they grow
Victims helpless with nowhere to go
The stretched out hand for help it pleads
A complexion is drained of life it bleeds

The screams again they are not heard
Like the asylum to whom they are deferred
Manic and passionate they're so full of life
Yet with clinical precision they cut like a knife

Habits develop and problems occur
It could happen to him or happen to her
Unusual things and terrible events
Should raise suspicion don't sit on the fence

The helping hand is all they sought
Fragile minds and characters fraught
Eyes would well and tears would spill
Direct results of this evil ill

So look twice over and listen again
Continue to think and try to refrain
From closing your eyes and turning your head
Help silence those screams and put them to bed

Throw The Keys Away
The Maltese Falcon Vol I

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