a poem by tobias kerins, UK

When times are low and troubles are high
Depression followed by a morbid sigh
Can see no way forward to get on track
It's the straw that broke the camel's back

A cry for help and a plea to save
Beaten and down in a bottomless cave
There is no light and the tunnel offers no hope
Can stomach no more and unable to cope

The pressure is on, the brain works overtime
Worried and anguished, no reason or rhyme
All the problems before you, which way do you turn
A flickering candle, no longer to burn

The mind is set, the decision is made
Truth bares down, you cannot evade
Look back and reflect, upon final days
The future's bleak, stare with a gaze

Some call it selfish, all honour deserted
Grief and discord could have been averted
Why didn't you tell, the problems to share
There were people who'd listen, others who'd care

It's the end of a chapter, the book will now close
A chilling end, so cold it froze
Don't abandon hope or fill yourself with delusion
There's always another way, a better conclusion

The Maltese Falcon Vol I

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