a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Should he have his identity revealed
Or should it be kept closely concealed
If the truth is requested should it be delivered
Or should anonymity be considered

Before you start, get the rules in place
So future problems he won't have to face
Forgetting not this man gave the chance
For the life of a baby to love and enhance

Remember, curiosity killed the cat
When a child grows up, will they think like that
Is it so wrong to want the father's name
But maybe the donor won't think the same

From the outset it's clear that the donor insisted
If the child wants contact it should be resisted
A request which has to be totally supported
Names must never be reported

Now look on the downside, where contact's not made
Relationships could happen that the bible forbade
A difficult subject, hard to digest
People unaware of committing incest

Look at the results the imminent dangers
Broken, two lives, who thought they were strangers
Involvement, entwinement, passion and lust
Pregnant she is, to stop this they must

One argument of many with which we shall follow
The next which is neither lame nor hollow
Of the donor's supply is there any detection
Checking procedures for any infection

Fortunately today with medical science
Procedures are followed with full compliance
Tests are taken and all clears are given
Infected samples are strictly forbidden

Further aspects given much thought
Medical aid, transplants are sought
Bone marrow is one and blood is another
Given by a father to a sister or brother

Never say never. he may in life change
And to see the child, he may arrange
So if the child wants, let the child ask
To reveal the face behind the donor's mask

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