Cinderella's Shoe

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I wrote this song for you, straight from my heart
Wasn't sure where to begin or where to start
But let me give it a go, I love you like crazy
You are so beautiful and completely amaze me

I feel so great when you're by my side
Stand so tall, bursting with pride
That a man like me can have a girl like you
I am so lucky I feel brand new

Love's a gamble and I threw them dice
Double six it came, it came up twice
You really don't now how you make me feel
Pinch myself to ensure it's real

Other men they look and are all so jealous
I coldn't write this story for a million booksellers
But the lines I do know look me straight in the eye
I'll bend over backwards, for you I'll die

You're the girl of my dreams, a fairytale come true
Cinderella you are and I found your shoe
Perhaps I'm your prince, please become my princess
I love you so much, all my love I confess

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