The Epitaph

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The tears they flow and the eyes do glaze
Read the epitaph, it means what it says
Chill round your collar, wrap scarf round your neck
Gather your senses, a reality check

The trees they bow, in the strong autumn breeze
The graveyard gate clatters, like the jailer's keys
The church bell clangs in a distant tower
The stench of death, a grim reaper's power

The clouds close in, the rain pushes through
Daylight vanishes, a storm will brew
The owls they toot, in a dark eerie night
Weather vane spins from an awesome height

Forget not why you are at this place
For why you have chosen to show your face
To assemble flowers, to tidy the grave
Cling on to the past, memories save

You speak to the dead, respects you pay
Can they really hear what you say
Do answers come back, that you so wish to hear
Deep in despair, they never appear

This daily ritual you continue to tread
To love and obey, to honour the dead
On the gravestone it reads, he did always laugh
You smile as you read his epitaph

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