As Cold As Stone

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

With the voices running through my head
And the beads of sweat dampening my hands
The warped world that I live in today
Destroys the best laid plans

Hearing the footsteps in my shadows
Feeling that I'm being crept up upon
My shoulders seem to be weighed down
I cannot lose this liaison

The dark glasses wrapped around my eyes
With a tunnelled vision I walk
My perspective on life is strained
Wears away like blackboard chalk

My face is covered with a scaf
I live in a world of my own
The mouth fails to utter words
A persona as cold as stone

Detached from this life is how I feel
Lonely and the nerves are raw
With pleas for help my hands they reach
As I try to reality claw

Grasp The Nettle
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