Help is Close at Hand

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

No one's ever choked from swallowing their pride
So why you never asked as I could provide
Is one of life's enigmas a mystery indeed
You simply have to ask if it's something you need

To think you were wanting drives a stake through my heart
Thought you were clever and believed you were smart
It beggars belief that you failed to ask
An easy question such a simple task

I know you have standards and am aware you're proud
But to ask a favour really is allowed
Relax a little and take a long deep breath
Never struggle or hang on like grim death

I'll always find time any venue any place
Listen to you and talk face to face
My door's always open so please do not stay away
The one rule I insist on don't dare disobey

People often say a friend in need is pain
But I'll tell you you're as right as rain
So if you're in trouble you've got to understand
For you I'll be here help is close at hand

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