a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

In a light off
Yester warm night
When lying on bed
& thinking of news items
There appeared images of
Guns, pistols, blood & blasts
Smears, suicides, & smacks
On the roads & the boundary
Aggravating gastritis &
Restraining sleep
In haunted horrid hours
Of discomforts
Eye lids at last could close
But soon met an airy knight
In the dreaded night
With dismay & remors
On man’s new recourse
In a soulless trip
Crippled in a brute grip
Of religious smirches,
Economic imbalances,
Hoarding of huge builds up,
Holding the post of war up;
Said, ”what an awe is seen,
Is the dirt of lust & greed
Change for Love & Peace
Change for repairs & cures
Change for survival & also
To save Mother Earth
From being deserted
Like Moon & Mars
Is Spirit, Manu & Christ.”
And there will spread
No Dark, no Apparition
But only Light of Hope &
Sarve bhawantu sukhinah.

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