What a Funny Old Name

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Some people they have the most peculiar name
Do they laugh, or hold their head in shame
Let’s start with the first, he’ll give us no thanks
Renowned for stealing, he’s Robin Banks

She’s a florist by name, prepares pretty bouquets
Rose Flowers is her name, and she’s set in her ways
Pot plants here and there, flower arranging is her game
Would you credit it, what a name

She’s a nature freak and will always be seen
In the depths of the forest, it’s Theresa Green
Oak or Elm, lovely Silver Birch
For Theresa the forest is her church

The next one’s a sportsman, the complete athlete
He often scores goals, but not with his feet
Constant goal scoring, he uses his head
Ed Balls is his title, leaves defenders for dead

Go into the kitchen, she boils and stirs
Susan Chef is her name, but Sue she prefers
Meals aplenty, recipes so bold
Vengeance is a dish, best served cold

My Irish mate, Rick O’Shea
A bouncy fellow, lives day to day
Have a laugh and a joke, these names raise a smile
Don’t think we’ll have, christenings like this for a while

The Maltese Falcon Vol III

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