a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The words that I write and the words that I choose
Are the words that you read and the words that I use
The meaning of these words is stored deep in my heart
These words tell a story of two worlds apart

I’ve spent a long time, for many years I have searched
I was almost there, on the edge I was perched
Swore that I’d never give up, that I’d forever pursue
Every hurdle I reached, my strength always grew

Lady Luck she shone, for now was my time
I reached the summit, my mountain to climb
My seeking was over, new times soon began
I would never grow up, just like Peter Pan

In the coldness of light, with the twist of a knife
Stark realities occurred, the demons of life
My shoulders weighed down, with a burden so great
The words I write now, are the words that I hate

Struck down with an illness, one they did not deserve
How would it end, what way would it curve
A person I loved, a person so kind
I’ll struggle in this life, another person to find

Not realising that my feelings ran so deep
This love that I found, I wanted to keep
And keep I shall, for with help they’ll be strong
That this love continues and will carry on

To my life you have brought a ray of light
Honour this token and show me your fight
Dig deep my love, failure is not a choice
Listen to my words and hear my voice

With a passion I write, with sentiment I feel
These words are true and oh so real
A teardrop it forms and rolls down my cheek
Listen to these words, the words that I speak

There is care and love, in these words there’s respect
If you look far, I’m sure you’ll detect
So never give, continue this thrust
You’re a winner not a loser, success is a must

And so with a prayer, to the Gods I turn
A message from these words, is a sermon to learn
Treasure what you have, and never lose hope
I trust these words will help you cope

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