Beauty Of Poetry

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Corolla of flowers,
Fruits in trees,
Nests of sparrows,
Fields & landscapes,
Sun shines,
Clouds floating in the sky,
Icicles glittering on
Mountain tops,
Ducks sailing on ponds
Somersaulting of planes;
On Republic Day,
Dance of a damsel
Adoration of a bride,
Massaging of a baby
Cow’s licking of calf,
Tigers in a sanctuary
Seen or heard
Form a Beauty
Of Biology
Symmetrical or
What we experience
What we innovate &
What we implement,
Techniques & Technologies,
Medicines &Machines;
Drones to curb terrorism,
Spacecrafts & Satellites,
Skills & Schemes,
Projects & Programmes,
That serve mankind &
And the world as a whole
Form the Beauty of Mind
Where Reasoning is Truth
And Truth is Beauty.
But the Beauty of Heart:
Stimulus to senses,
Passions & emotions,
Fancies & fantasies,
Devotion & duties,
Harmony & trust,
Character & courtesy,
That brings a balance;
Between Biology & Mind
Needed for regularity
Peace & Prosperity,
Is more beautiful& musical
As it sings of Trinity of
Man, Nature & God.

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