Follow Your Dreams

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

They say the grass is not greener on the other side
But sometimes you’re left with your eyes open wide
Inside you want more and your hunger it yearns
As your taste for the good life slowly burns

The smoothest of silks, the most beautiful suits
Wonderful top hats, high polished boots
Neat leather gloves, shirts carefully pressed
The other side, so impressively dressed

The Lady’s turn, the show must go on
Enflamed with radiance in her black chiffon
Stiletto shoes with fishnet tights
A picture of beauty and life’s delights

To the restaurant they go, for dinner tonight
The finest of wines, by candlelight
Lobsters and prawn, salmon and trout
They know where to eat, when they go out

Brandy is swilled in the clear crystal glass
Most esteemed dining cloaked in class
It’s time to leave and their carriage arrives
To the Albert Hall it slowly drives

With places reserved there is no rush
A private entrance avoid the crush
They take their seats the performance begins
Classical music with violins

The music is over and the chauffeur awaits
The Lady to him articulates
Drive us home along the river please
Through the midnight stars in the summer breeze

Pulling up slowly along their drive
At their stately home they do arrive
The butler slowly opens the door
To a massive hallway with a marble floor

Remember we said about the good life burning
Well maybe now you’re slowly learning
That lives like these are rare events
But it doesn’t hurt to peer over the fence

Please be guarded, forget not who you are
Anything is possible, your life can go far
Stay within budget, live within your means
But do have ambition, and follow your dreams

The Maltese Falcon Vol III

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