The Twin Towers

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

They reached another level, as low as the devil
Had only just begun, evil already had won
Eyes were scanned, crime slowly was planned
A journey to hell, from their secret cell

The plane was boarded, the evil was hoarded
Not on general display, it was hidden away
Concealed in the minds, there were no signs
Of what was to unfold, so chilling and cold

With calm in possession, they had an obsession
To blow up the plane, inflict murderous pain
Much steel in their eyes, their intent magnifies
Murder and kill, of their own free will

Callous and stark, their actions are dark
Depraved and obscene, a satanic machine
Brainwashed and scarred, of human life no regard
Pushed by desire, for a mass funeral pyre

Deadly the mist, of the terrorist
Fueled with hate, to annihilate
Look over your shoulder, as the world becomes colder
Stop these evil powers, pray for the twin towers

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