A Tainted Love

a poem by tobias kerins, UK


Violent and unkind, a moment of madness
A lady so hurt, deep full of sadness
A labour of love, it was her labour to carry
This was a tainted love, she didn't want to marry

She could not foresee, unable to legislate
That nine months later, she would have a date
Until it was too late, it was a child she bore
She felt dirty and rancid, an unhealthy whore

This child needed love, she would supply all alone
No friends or family, to whom she could phone
Money was sparse, but she managed to make ends meet
Scrimping and scraping, to provide her baby a treat

The baby turned, into a beautiful young boy
He was smart and intelligent, pleasant but coy
Always wanted more love, kept asking where's dad
Felt he was being punished, presumed he was bad

Mum she explained, in a way only mothers can do
She hated this time, a subject taboo
As she cradled and cuddled, her oh so precious son
Couldn't bare to tell him, of parents just one

The months turned to years, the boy matured with age
An old head on young shoulders, like a wise old sage
With enough courage in his chest, to his mother he said
Please mum where's dad, is he alive or dead

The mother she wept and collapsed in the chair
Her eyes streaming like rivers, as she ruffled her hair
I don't know who he is love, he just came and disappeared
She was nervous and hated, this moment she feared

The boys eyes rolled around, then to his mother
He wanted to hug her, with all his love smother
Realising what had happened, staring at the ceiling above
He was the product of, a tainted love

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