Green Eyes

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

They cannot change, those green eyes
Never capable, of springing a surprise
Complete camouflage, and hidden in a tree
Fully of envy, cloaked in jealousy

With spurious action, and devious command
What the green eyes see, they will demand
With a squint and a glare, round corners they peek
Searching for all, they devour and seek

The green eyes are the mentors, what they want they will gain
Fear not for the weak, they are propelled on pain
Driven by lust, and fueled by greed
A curious creation, a definitive breed

The green eyes lack care, they hold no bounds
Impervious to rebellion, they hear no sounds
They see all acts, yet defy all logic
So long as they complete, this evil project

The eyes are focused, and they hold their sight
Blind vision they grip, as they pursue the fight
The lashes they blink, but they don’t miss a trick
The target they pin, and the riches they pick

Clandestine say some, are illicit say others
Green eyes stick together, so loyal like brothers
A myriad of visions, a kaleidoscope of dreams
Ulterior motives, with immoral schemes

They state their case, and it’s like they have spoken
Get in their way, and you will be broken
The green eyes have power, they are steeped in guilt
Don’t fall into their trap,the empire they’ve built

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