How Long Does it Take

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

How long does it take, for memories to fade
Where historical crimes, did a child’s life invade
Wish for a future much better, wipe away the dirt
Restore their dignity, and stop the hurt

When will they ever, the teardrops dry
Bring an end to this sadness, and wave evil goodbye
To rebuild the life, and the dignity restore
Let Lady Luck shine, don’t pick the short straw

A defenceless child, one who has been abused
Often left vulnerable, completely confused
Found nowhere to turn, trusted no one to share
His feelings and terrors, a sordid nightmare

Often beaten, bruised black and blue
He knew no better, didn’t have a clue
He cried for help, it often fell on deaf ears
Increased his trauma, filled him with fears

The mental abuse, with its cruel intention
Was for this child, a permanent detention
There was no escape, there was no way out
Again he cried for help, but only he heard the shout

Then there’s the touching, would his innocence destroy
Treated like a rag doll, an overused toy
A very private invasion, the boundaries were breached
But no one heard him, as he screamed and screeched

The silent screams, of a lonely child
A state of disarray, emotions ran wild
There were plenty of people, who were meant to assist
But because they didn’t, an opportunity was missed

This child was broken, his world snapped in two
His position worsened, as the abuse it grew
There were no highs just lows, through this evil regime
The pain that he felt, went to the extreme

The authorities, that should have offered help and aid
Have been his defence, built a barricade
Against this abuse, have come and checked this child
Were completely negligent, slowly his life they defiled

And through their ignorance, a sad story is told
Which will chill your bones, make your blood run cold
A life was destroyed, an empty shell
Completely deserted, subjected to hell

When the child fights back, and actions are brought
Which often end up, in a judicial court
Those that went missing, have to make a report
To explain why they, offered no support

And this is where the trickery, or devious lies
Like sprouting green shoots, before your very eyes
Flow from their mouths, and poison the air
To protect their reputations, is about what they all care

They don’t want to pay, cash is a dirty word
Will fight to the death, motives absurd
With very deep pockets, and tactics so strong
Whatever the cost, they’ll try to prove you wrong

But remember this child, has had all thrown at him
Everything imaginable, through thick and thin
With an inner resilience, built up over time
Has picked himself up, and this mountain will climb

He has seen the drink, and tasted the drugs
There are no pitfalls, no more dangerous rugs
No longer is he, a figure to abuse
His mind is clear, you cannot confuse

He will fight with passion, to erase a trait so vile
No matter how long, it could take a while
To use his experience, to play his trump card
No matter how painful, no matter how hard

The absolute defeat, of this hideous crime
The lowest of the low, a poisonous slime
Is no hidden agenda, it’s at the top of his list
To give a child protection, make sure it’s not missed

With their lessons learned, the authorities swear
There is no chance of repeats, of this evil care
But like a very bad smell, the stigma remains
The children still, are open to abuse and pains

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