Sauda in Norway

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I’ve toured the world, been to some beautiful places
Rolling countryside, sheer cliff faces
The tallest of mountains, the wettest of waterfalls
But there is one place that always, my name calls

It’s elongated, not too far away
They have fjords, to what we call a bay
It is so clean, the wildlife breathes
Trees all year round, have lovely green leaves

There are the usual suspects, the capital Oslo
And ancient Bergen, you really should go
Kristiansand’s quiet, Stavanger is louder
But the place you should try, is a village called Sauda

Nestled at the end, of a very deep fjord
To get there usually, it’s the ferry you board
A four hour journey, through serene countryside
The northern lights, leave your eyes open wide

There’s a pub called The Pub, upon landing at dock,
The late night air is chilled, you’re not in Bangkok
One lonely road, into the mountains does wind
The hustle of the city, just leave behind

The food is so fresh, the fish just been caught
Grilled and seasoned, to your table it’s brought
The beer is so smooth, the people so kind
A tranquil village, in Norway you’ll find

With beauty untouched, the innocence is here
The Arctic Circle, is really quite near
Yet as strange as it seems, it can also be warm
The Gulf Stream flows by, does the weather transform

The Viking ships they left they mark
Norway is a place so dark
With hidden secrets, treasures galore
Go to Norway, the place to explore

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