Will a Note be Left?

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

So brace yourselves, it’s the start of the election campaign
What colour will you, your rosette stain?
Get ready to be bombarded, with leaflets galore
That will curiously turn up, through your front door

Promises will be made, which can never be kept
It makes you wonder, how they slept
Everything will be better, they avidly exclaim
It’s the last lot upon whom, all the problems they blame

Tax rises, there’ll be no such thing
Public spending, there’ll be discipline
Immigration, of course it will fall
You know that we’re in this for the long-haul

We’ll build more houses, this problem address
From Cornwall and Devon, up to Caithness
The NHS will have no privatisation
As a party we’re united, we are one nation

With the European Union, we’ll negotiate
What’s better for Britain, and we will state
They are our fish, and the benefits are ours
And we’ll certainly say no, to giving up more powers

If they don’t like it, and decide to say no
We’ll have a referendum, and off we go
We’ll create more jobs and have less on the dole
Put the Great back in Britain, replenish our soul

Defence is an issue, where we must soldier on
Increase the army, and make it strong
More planes in the sky, of the first-degree
Of the navy more ships, to sail at sea

Nuclear weapons, an essential deterrent
They are no problem, and they are inherent
Keep Putin in his place, and Korea at bay
A press of the button, gives us a say

As for tuition fees, and going to school
If you believed the last lot, they did you fool
Education, education, should always be free
From Aberdeen, all the way to Torquay

Northern Ireland and Scotland, England and Wales
We’re not about, to fall off the scales
As the United Kingdom, we’ll remain as one
Defeat the Nationalists, independence undone

So how will we pay, because we’re spending much more
Our plan is perfect, there is no flaw
Don’t worry about that, just give us your vote
And when we leave office, we won’t leave a note

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