Wish to tell you..

a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

Wish to tell you that the world is no more like it used to be,since I shut the door against your wish, though you never say...

wish to tell u that I miss those sleep we used to sleep,just wanted to know if I would still get to sleep them some day,

wish to tell you that I miss your armour now that I fight my battles alone,was wondering if I would make a better fighter,I probably would do worse,cause the battle field is not my thing.

Wish to tell you that make ups have failed so bad in trying to cover my broken spirit,only your smiles now I know Can even break that broken spirit and give me a better me.

Wish to tell you that most times I feel like running away from the world, coming out of my self, giving a long loud shout,..I feel the urge to scream, but I wonder what my vocal cavity would have my lips fall,it probably would say your name.

Wish to tell u that the worlds shit have only made me more messy, no bit strong,though you've always wanted that. The more I face these hurdles and set backs in life, I begin 2 hate, and I mostly hate u for leaving me to suffer.

Wish to tell you that I don't think I can ever be strong for anything in life, to harness your strength wouldn't even do, it would only make me worse,..just maybe u should keep fighting those battles for me,I know it would always be your pleasure.

Wish to tell u that no soul surgery could do me any good, I feel the monsters are beginning to darken the only light paths that's left,and when its completely done, sure that monster would need a new name...a grand one at that..!

Wish to tell you that my tears are falling,yet the lots cannot see, as you were the only one who could behold such beauty,..I can't even bear that they see it, so I cloak myself in my shadows,your free to say its a make believe life..only you know the real deal.

Wish to tell u that right now am staring at the skies,awaiting the day,wishing we were both staring 2geda, but I know for sure that your on d other side,just that the Smoky cloud makes me unable to see..would I ever get to stare 2geda with you on the same side,I mean u cuddling me, and we staring.

Wish to tell u that no one has ever made those mountains shiver for me except you,the mountains overcame anyone who dared to.

Wish to tell u that you would remain the only one who gets to see the worst part of my y monstrous side,and that you should try to live with it,you probably would have gotten used to it already.

Wish to tell u that the nights are so lonely these days,that I practically have to wait for the day to come,making passes at every single second..let me whisper to you this..as many beautiful second that have passed by, all put together,still cannot surpass our love..

Wish to tell you that am almost less scared these days,like I see the surprises coming,so that they begin 2 smell like dejavus, but the one thing I want to be way less is that which I have always wished to explain you, how it comes and how it goes,but still don't know myself,I promise to tell you when I figure this out,believe me the inertia weakens me by the day...I really wish to tell you!!

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