Immorality:A Continental Concubine

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Immorality !
Evergreen, ever young,
A continental concubine,
Mother of illegitimacies;
With Cleopatra’s charisma,
Having shared richly paramours
Of black earning connoisseurs .
Many of them lost their lives
When found themselves
In her golden couch,
Ever looking a Venus’s boon
As bright as the full Moon
When sitting in a blaz’d chair,
Dotting plans & using powers,
& issuing commands in guises;
To her wide connections,
Of immoral considerations.
Kings were changed,
Kings were over thrown,
And she remained the Queen.
But the condition reverses,
As the time awfully advances
Great constellation got scattered
By pro human approaches &
Cleopatra,the continental concubine
For her weathering charms &
Coming none of the paramours
Commits a suicide to free Morality
Out of Black hold, Black deeds.

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