Pit Bull Pizza Party

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

the pizza delivery man was nervous
as the Pit Bulls
wearing aprons
met him at the door
smiling with happy
canine grins
and salivating chins

Pizza party for the Pit Bulls
ripping open the cardboard boxes
with insane paws
like Noah had gone on vacation

swallowing chunks of the pizza cheese
nobody was allowed to sneeze
napkins flying in the air
Pizza sauce in Pit Bull hair
short haired dogs
like crew cuts
pigskin soft
with happy cuffs
an outfit made for a king
and George Orwell sung
Animal Farm

the dogs went crazy
nobody was lazy
pepperoni and ham
cheese chunks
tomato sauce
and sausage
flying around
and singing songs

pizza sauce on dog tails
whipping like whips
propelling dogs
toward hot boxes of pizza pie
ripping the lids off

crunching like chipmunks
one dog gave another one
a kiss on the cheek
happy go luckies

mouths maximized
full of pizza
each dog with a whole pie
shiny eye buttons
heaven in the sky
high fives
shaking hands
giving paws

ripping the lids off
pizza party for pit bulls
wearing aprons
and the pizza man
was nervous and
a dog burped
and the crickets chirped

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