Knowing When To Say No

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Being led up a garden path, having the wool pulled over your eye
Unwittingly being fleeced, perhaps being bled bone dry
The tempting carrot was dangled, did you taste or did you bite
Did they pray upon your hunger, recognise your appetite

An absolute must, is to avoid temptations
Even if they’ve offered, your dream aspirations
Because whatever it says, on the calling card
Be sure you will meet, with a dubious charade

It’s probably crooked, more than likely snide
Not straightforward, very Jekyll and Hyde
You will be the one, who’s picking up the pieces
Trying to iron out the problems, remove the creases

They’ve come to save the world, with a perfect solution
Performance brilliant, complete execution
Now their wallet is donned, with all your hard-earned cash
A speedy exit, off they dash

Then you realise, the truth sinks in
These people were anything, but genuine
You’re left alone, shaking your head
This wasn’t the best thing, since sliced bread

Knowing when to say know, it what we all should learn
As the old saying goes, cash in the pocket will burn
But when they try to cheat you, in a role cameo
You know now is the time, to them to say no

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