The Tulips of Amsterdam

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The moon is out and it's late at night
If the second floor has candlelight
And the windmill sails show 12 o'clock
A traitor is here running amok

This is their code, their way of saying
They have found someone, who the cause is betraying
They have lit the paper, and the flares are alight
Now is the time to take arms and fight

As the tulips bowed to the venomous winds
Calm and order and disciplines
Were very much needed and all displayed
Close to their chests their cards they played

The country had been overrun
By tank and soldier and enemy gun
Valuables stolen and women subjected to rape
All were shot who dared to escape

Food was rationed to stupid amounts
Figures rose on the daily death counts
Even the children, none were spared
Especially if they were brown or black haired

Time was against them, not on their side
But with focus and skill they identified
The slippery snake, the rat or mole
Who their precious secrets for the enemy stole

They had to be clever and show no shame
And play the mole at his own game
Just act normal respect and joke
Surely but slowly this animal choke

As tempers sparked and tensions rose
There was no hope for those in clothes
Which bore in yellow, a pointed star
A bloody human abbatoir

Now they fought in camoufalge
And played the mole to sabotage
Enemy plans and infiltrate
Slowly tempted and threw the bait

The mole he bit for the plan he fell
They had broken through with a secret cell
The enemy unknowingly were led astray
Power was slowly slipping away

Several weeks later the sails they turned
The lonesome candle no longer it burned
People were saved and peace restored
The pleas of innoncence of the mole ignored

There is no excuse and can be no reason
To stoop so low and practise treason
To murder your own and create genocide
Cannot quite simply be justified

He was tried and found, yes guilty and shot
On the history of Holland he had left a blot
The Dutch resistance they tried to save
Innocent mankind from the cradle to grave

They should be saluted forever they always defied
As the will of Hitler intensified
In Amsterdam the tulips stand tall
Never forgotten at the Wailing Wall

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