Speak Out Loud

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Alone, there’s no one around
Silence, there is no sound
Sanity, your mind is clear
Scared, you have no fear

Rueful, you’ll never regret
Determined, your mind is set
Nervous, no sweaty palms
Conscious, you have no qualms

Focused, you can clearly see
Certain, to the first-degree
Doubtful, not a hope
Stressed, you can cope

Happy, could not be better
Talkative, in a letter
Embarrassed, no need to blush
Patient, I’m in a rush

I’m going now on my travels
Around my neck the rope unravels
Someone kick the stool away
I plead with you, just make my day

People like this, our help they need
Let’s not allow, them to proceed
Speak out loud even if you offend
For I am sure that he ain’t about to pretend

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