The Black Sheep

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Because you spoke the truth, the tide has turned
And from this family, you have learned
That blood is thicker, than water clearly
Their privacy, they hold so dearly

It doesn’t matter, if that privacy’s wrong
For them the family, must go on
And you my friend, have your bridges burned
From them pure hatred, you have earned

They’ve severed links and talk no more
If you’re seen, they do ignore
They deny all knowledge, if your name’s mentioned
You could cut with a knife, the air full of tension

Threats are made, designed to scare
Shrug your shoulders, you couldn’t care
They’ll never ever, keep you quiet
As a last resort, you’ll start a riot

The darkest shadow, like a silhouette
The child abuse, you can’t forget
The memories always, come haunting back
Constant nightmares, insomniac

The reasons for you, to start speaking out
Is to help other children, there is no doubt
From these vile attacks, these venomous scenes
Put out of action, the abuse machines

But it is too late, you’ve certainly been tarred
With that lethal brush, indelibly scarred
At least at night, you know you can sleep
Even if they’ve made you, the infamous black sheep

There must be better reasons, to be made a black sheep
Surely a family, these secrets can’t keep
Because if they try, I think it’s fare to say
That that’s when the police, should come into play

The most galling thing about these verses so sad
Is that the child in question was a foster lad
They received good money to nurture and raise
These were meant to be this boy’s best days

Instead he received a childhood from hell
Had no one to turn to and no one to tell
Bruised and beaten, completely confused
Tossed like a rag doll, sexually abused

A conclusion is reached and the links are connected
They wanted their family name protected
Forget the child and defend their reputation
Of common decency this is an aberration

Signed: Disgusted

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