God made me in the furnace of affliction,

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

God made me in the furnace of affliction,
Every time difficulties struck me I held him tight,
And the journey proved to be a bliss,
His presence always proved to be my Light.

Now when I look back at the desert,
I wonder how did I cross,
The saviour led me all the way,
Till the time I was across.

Yours presence was my shade,
You saved me from all blades,
How did I survive them all,
He saved from one and all.

Desert was it I can't say,
When the water of life was beside,
Desert was it I can't say,
When He all my needs did provide.

My stores never depleted,
There was enough for all my needs,
He kept on filling it always
Even before I could plead

Desert was no desert for me,
My rock was by my side,
What more a sheep needs,
When the shepherd is beside.

Death gazed at me and went back
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