Futility of Love

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Humming bees
When sit on roses,
The half blossomed &
The innocent,
Get perturbed in puberty
By cupidity in liberty,
Can’t escape the arrant
And spread her red radiant
Petals sharply petulant,
Offered peps & fragrance
With no annoyance
In full reliance
& with no variance
Enjoy the mirth of youthfulness
& the cuckoo’s singing in sweetness
From the foliage of a mango tree
Unaware of future & feeling free;
But all joy & warmth perishes
When the sucking bees
Leave her with blemishes.
The roses in helplessness
Look at the gardener
Wither & die
Of futility in love .
The female mantis
A predatory insect
A sexy beauty
Wandering in
In search of a prey
For her saturation
Of what she desires
Or to teach a lesson
To brute manliness of ages
Plays her love tricks
& wins mantis’ heart
Eats up his head
During mating hours
Of futility in love.
Promises of spouses
To live together
And to set an ideal of
Good parents;
Are missspelt
In confusions & quarrels
Separations & divorces
For lapses in dedication
& for the entrances
Of futility in love.
Sir Philip,
Professor of Sociology
In a class of human relations
Says,’ New concepts of freedom
Are evolving in economic dukedom
In terms of dating & live-in-relation,
Divorces & marriage of homos
To carve readymade joy
And to prove, foul is fair
And for change fair is foul
In the futility of love.

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