Sweet Bee

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Sweet Bee !
What makes you love me?
‘Your colourful corolla,
Beauteous symmetry;
Clots of sweets,
Layers of scents,
Sway in the airs,
& flavor of wines
Make me
Rove round you.’
‘I roam in the sky,
Sail on water,
Tour the parts of the world—
Courts and Museums,
Palaces and Shrines,
Schools and Shops,
And found crowds
With deserted heart
Charmless beauty
& unguaranteed security
And confined to self.’
Only your company
Soothing to heart,
Sucks my sorrow
And makes me unaware of all
What the defectors do—
Shaking hands with criminals,
Taking drinks with anti nationals,
But the thing that etches my heart
And makes my mind heavy
When no child comes to tease you,
No pair buzzes around us ,
To witness our love
As the whole noble human lot
Is sunk into unhappiness
We can’t hear long,
The cry of innocents,
Shrieking of wives,
Groaning of mothers,
And we can’t wait any more
For the homecoming of joy
And the return of peace coy.

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