a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Perfection is something to which we all aspire
To actually achieve it is hard to acquire
You can set your goals and have ambition
But remember it’s not a competition

Don’t distance yourself from your friends and peers
Because it can create atmospheres
Keep your feet on the ground and remain contrite
Or jealousy’s head can rise up and bite

It’s great to be good and considered class
Let it not develop into a farce
Abandon all roots and origins forgotten
Ulterior motives are considered rotten

Everyone wants to be thought of as great
But try not yourself to alienate
Praise is wonderful and so is respect
Boast not the fact that you’re perfect

Strive and give and work very hard
Try not your roots to disregard
Be very reserved, quiet and humble
And then you’ll find people don’t grumble

You’ll reap the rewards and gain the riches
Avoid the curses of evil witches
Not wish for publicity and swerve the glare
Then with results you can have your affair

There will be twists and turns in your pursuit of success
Could be up to the nines the way you dress
In order to capture the catch of your dreams
You are prepared to go to extremes

Please be aware that not every cloud
The perfect ending is allowed
Not every one has got a silver lining
Perfection is oh so very defining

Green emeralds and blue sapphires
Aspirations and dream desires
Rubies red and diamonds white
The highest order you have in sight

It is clear to me you must succeed
That you indeed do red blood bleed
Ten out of ten perhaps maybe eleven
You are a gift sent from heaven

The Black Sheep
The Maltese Falcon Vol III

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