Sweet Dream

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Sweet Dream!
As recovery to lost,
An exit to suppressed,
& relief to tormented
When comes in sleep,
Fancy blossoms,
Hope reaps joy,
Love hails reunion;
Proserpine delights
In wreathing tulips,
Endymion alights
To suck Diana’s lips;
Lethe washes tears,
Ruth cures of fears
& joins the dears,
The false hides its mien
Getting further no lien
Sweet Dream!
When comes in sleep
Everything is fair
Suffocation is rare
& People are still noble
With tender heart
To respond virtues,
To defy tomorrow’s
Fatigues & failures
& to efface the dreams
What Faustus & Claudio,
Macbeth & Osama had
& how the wicked made;
The world terror- stricken,
Drove the children as animals
From schools for weapon trials
& forced women with no voices
Not to live on their own choices.
Life is a dream, sweet or grim
But happens to all
Whether living in hut or hall.
Our sweetest dreams are those
That soothe the human heart.

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