a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Seem like i need more than 24hrs in a day!Life seem to be running at a speed of 365K/HR;I can hardly keep up.

I do miss you guys,Nishu,John,My darling Sam, Eddie, Willis,Annah,Jacinta,Marcia...I cannot write down all your names here but they are surely written in my heart.

I think of you constantly and i pray for each one of you and i believe someday this roll coaster my life has become (juggling among personal life and demanding career and my classes and social work)will slow down and will be back on the walls of VN every other day.

Until them,Don't forget about me!I love you all so much!

Would say good night but dawn has already set in and am yet to close my eyes!
Kisses y'all!
Till we meet again,keep writing,keep smiling,keep spreading the word through art and the love beyond borders and across the sea!
Peninnah Ng'ang'a.

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