Love on Mars

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Love on Mars
Journey of love,
Journey to Mars,
From Earth to scarce,
From known to unknown;
Dense to deserted,
Lived to unlived
In a landscape
Of rock, dust
And no water
And no living shape
To talk & to be pitied;
No farming, no gardening,
No tracking & no trading,
Will prove fatal & farce?
Or clean the scars,
Re-crown the First Pair,
Rewrite the love care,
The survival resource,
And a new living force
To invent a life corridor
If icing, de-oxygenation & quakes
Prove disaster stakes.
Journey of love,
Journey to Mars,
From Earth to scarce
When reminded of own,
Beings, objects & sights known,
Will go mad
And doom to death?
Or part the borrowed cracks
And trace new love tracks.
To set their own townships
Full of lively relationships
And to repeat the history
Of earth as a fresh mystery
Or to plant a substation
In search of a destination
In the course of
Journey of love
Journey to Mars
From Earth to scarce
Will tell a tale of a safe home.

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