Somebody Save Me

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

What is this place? It fills me with fear
I don't want to stay that much is clear
So many faces of people I don't know
I thought it would be fun but i'm feeling so low

Water and Sanitation I know nothing about
I'm in the wrong place, I just want to shout
To speak to my mum, it will make me feel better
just to hear her voice or receive even a letter

This project is pointless, no one even cares
when I walk around I get so many glares
This place is not for me, its not what I expected
I have no friends here, I feel so rejected.

Please someone save me, come take me home
Never in my life have I felt so alone
7 weeks is too long I know I cant do this
scared and alone, I drown in this abyss.?


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