a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I am stuck in this place with no way to escape
No place to hide, its full of red tape
Each day I awake in the same situation
the heat is too much and causes frustration

I get out of bed after another bad sleep
The thought of the day is making me weep
Every emotion is racing around in my head
I sit looking interested not listening to what's said

There is so much pressure to get everything done
To gt involved and pretend to have fun
Every part of me just wants to go home
but in this feeling I think I'm alone

If I were to go home I'd be letting them down
to watch their faces and see them frown
I close my eyes, try to forget that I'm here
but its near impossible when noise fills the air

The sound of voices speaking a language I don't know
All it does is remind me how far I am from home
An independent woman is how they describe me
that would certainly change if they could really see

This is all too much, I was foolish in my thinking
I thought that I could cope but evidently I'm sinking
The fake smile and consideration is getting harder to keep
The only time I feel free is when I'm asleep.

Trapped in my own head being attacked by my thoughts
There is nothing anyone can do to stop me feeling distraught
Time passes so slowly yet each day goes so fast
I don't think I can do this, how long can I last??

Half way there
Somebody Save Me

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