Half way there

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I'm starting to realize this place aint that bad
the people are friendly and make me smile when I'm sad
I'm almost half way now, how did I get here?
despite the huge distance, home feels quite near

We are finally starting to work together to get things done
I think i'm even acclimatizing to the sun
The food is simple but I'm getting through
hard times still hit me but they are only a few

I'm missing home lots but the letters make me smile
its like being there with them for a little while
There is so much to do, I'm not sure if I'm ready
but my main concern is keeping my mood steady

This whole experience is proving harder than I thought
I'm slowly learning that patience cant be bought
Its not going to be easy to keep going strong
but I just have to remember I'l be home before long.?

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