The plight of a leader

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

No one is listening so I have to raise my voice
but they talk louder as if listening is a choice
We have so much to do but no one wants to know
We are behind schedule and progress is slow

Iv asked him for the 8th time to write up his report
but all I receive is a smart comment in retort
Is this how they'd behave if they had a job at home
'Maybe I'l do it later, right now I want to moan'

They are all busy chatting and making their own fun
they will get a shock when they cant leave till its done
Am I asking too much? Do they know what to do?
I try asking around,' anyway I can help you?'

Its only for a week I have to take this role
but three days in and everything's out of control
Its taken me half an hour to write the daily rota
but now there is an argument over who's fetching water

This week is a hard one with four members gone
but the work is still there, we must keep cracking on
They say I'm heartless and that I don't care
but that is untrue and completely unfair

Iv had it up to here, I cant take it any more
I'm sick of being ignored, people laying on the floor
How can I lead a team that doesn't want to be lead
I think 'Il take tomorrow off and spend the day in bed!?

Dear Mum
Half way there

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