Dear Mum

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Dear Mum...

What an adventure, its hard to believe
3 weeks ago I was eager to leave
to get back home and see you face
but God's got me through by his loving grace

I wish you could be here and experience it to
the scenery, the people, even the loo
I know you would love it being so free
So much to do and even more to see

Progress is slow and we don't get much done
but a lot of the time that's because of the sun
Im as red as a lobster and I cant cool down
Everyone else is tanning but I wont go brown

My family here are so lovely and kind
but I miss you loads, your always on my mind
with only 2 weeks left, there is so much to do
I love it here, who would have knew

So many ups and downs every step of the way
Faced with even more challenges every single day
There have been many tears but lots of laughs as well
So many emotions, so much for me to tell

Teaching in the school the kids smile so much
our 'muzungu' skin they all want to touch
I'm a part time member of the drummer group
I even tried to join the runners loop

Every opportunity I've tried to partake
I realize now some were a mistake
but every moment I will never regret
In years to come I'l never forget

The fun and laughter, things Iv seen
the people I met, the places I've been
Tanzania has a place in my heart forever
I hope one day we come back together.?

Look up to the sky
The plight of a leader

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