Look up to the sky

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Look up to the sky, its the most beautiful sight
the sunset over the mountain as day turns to night
Oranges and pinks cover the blue
The light starts to fade, its too good to be true

The sun has retired and black clouds appear
the air is now cold, rain is very near
drops start to fall then bigger and stronger
soon the ground is soaked can this last much longer?

The lightening strikes with such beauty and power
flashing across the sky making you cower
Thick rolls of thunder resonate through the land
roaring like a lion each wave seems planned

But when it calms, the stars shine so bold
playfully they sparkle and the night feels less cold
The moon in her glory standing so proud
she says nothing at all but her message is loud

'Muzungu' Rock
Dear Mum

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