'Muzungu' Rock

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Going up and up, I cannot describe
I thought we'd never get there, wondered if i'd survive
Just taking one small step after the other
I kept moving forward, occasionally ducking for cover

The smell of fresh air fills my lungs
the birds in the tree sing in their native tongues
The ground is really rocky and prone to break away
but I'm too busy to notice on such a special day

Finally we arrive and I cant help but adore
the view is spectacular, like nothing I've seen before
So high up in the clouds away from it all
Its then that I realized I'm actually so small

The trees are so green stretching far into the distance
the mountains standing tall without human assistance
the chattering of monkeys can be heard all around
such a surreal experience, every moment a new sound

Peace and serenity ooze from this place
Its hard to feel sad, staring nature in the face
The sun beaming down, highlights everything she sees
As I sit here admiring waiting for the breeze

There is the whole village but only outlines can be seen
every person I have visited, every place I've been
It feels so far away, maybe an hour or two's walk
but I just want to stay here, no need to talk

So what is this beautiful place I'v described with so much care
Its a secret place in the mountains way way up there
Its called 'Muzungu' Rock because it were we can go
to escape from it all, somewhere even they don't know.?

Look up to the sky

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