a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

It was heard to imagine what this would be
who I would meet, what I would see
but the time has come to say goodbye
In less than I week I'l be ready to fly

Iv'e missed home and family many a time
but God has always sent me a sign
to remind me just how much he cares
and has protected me from the devils snares

At the beginning I was so desperate to go
but his plan was bigger, little did I know
Now as I write this I cant believe its done
I'm not ready to leave, I'm having fun

Saying goodbye is all too much to take
I want to make the most of every minute I'm awake
I've grown to love this strange little place
my family here, I'm going to miss every face

We have achieved so much, we can go home proud
teaching and talking to many a crowd
but I know this is only the start
of the big adventure God put on my heart!?

'Muzungu' Rock

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