The Burning Bridge

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I’ve made mistakes, oh yes mistakes I’ve made
Burned all bridges, on a rueful crusade
Acted defiantly, with brutal finesse
Left a trail of destruction, an absolute mess

Yet as I stand, I look and observe
The important issues, I did not swerve
Grabbed the bull by the horns, quenched the nettle
Relented not, until this matter did settle

Many people they frowned, some turned their backs
My ears got used, to verbal attacks
Ignored in the street, my ears were still burning
But all the time, people were learning

These heinous crimes, so depraved these acts
Slowly emerging, the awful facts
A can was opened, out slithered the worms
People they shivered, so chilling the squirms

I stood my ground, my corner I fought
Got the result, the one I sought
To increase awareness, to open the book
Reel them in, like the fish on the hook

I’ve changed my mind, as it was no mistake
For me through the past, to rake and rake
If it educates, so that people can learn
It will stop much pain, let them bridges burn

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