When will Daggers be Drawn?

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The European Union, is an absolute mess
What should happen next, is anybody’s guess
It started initially, as a fine idea
Since turned into a cauldron, of panic and fear

In 1954, France argued with attitude
To have a European army, that would Germans include
The French approach didn’t fit, the suggested ideal
Was this a warning for Europe, did it trouble reveal

Then the meeting of Messina, in 1955
Greater prosperity, is what they aimed to contrive
A zone to challenge, the might of the United States
Europe awaits, it anticipates

No common agricultural policy, unable to reach
Then came Morrison, and the British speech
Great Britain pulled out, and Morrison warned
The history of Britain, would be devoured and scorned

In 1958, the Treaty of Rome came into force
To promote free trade, was their aim to endorse
Six countries signed up, and the EEC was born
How long would it be, before daggers were drawn?

In the very same year, six countries did merge
In France, Belgium and Luxembourg
There was also Holland, West Germany and Italy
They were the platform of the EEC

The resistance stood strong, although the war was finished
Britain applied, but were soon diminished
De Gaulle commanded, in 1961 the Brits were defeated
In 1969, de Gaulle a victory repeated

Charles de Gaulle left and it opened the door
For the UK to join and two countries more
Ireland and Denmark also signed
Greenland however, its membership resigned

In 1975 the UK voted again to decide
Should they stay in the EEC, a place to reside?
With overwhelming results, they voted to stay in
And slowly a tale of trouble will begin

In 1979 the Euro Monetary System was created
To bring currency stability, its aim was stated
The UK didn’t join, the idea it rejected
Aware of the problems, to which it could be subjected

In 1984 Mrs Thatcher led the way
The UK had its rebate, they hear what she’d say
The third poorest member state, why should we give so much
Europe had felt the Thatcher touch

In 1992 Maastricht arrived, unity became closer
All monies to be spent, from the baker to the grocer
To be all the same, au revoir to the Franc
We’d all have the Euro, in a European bank

The UK didn’t join, instead they kept the Pound
The Drachma and Peseta, were buried in the ground
France and the Danes were not convinced
And in 1992 the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) winced

Things got so bad that the UK was expelled
The ERM disaster left the UK shelled
No referendum was ever offered, to the UK electorate
There was no box for them, for their ‘X’ to put

In 2007 the Lisbon Treaty came around
Again European cohesion, could be heard stamping its sound
The Irish objected, but a second vote was held
Europe was soon to, its borders weld

Attitudes changed and hatred grew
People complained, ‘til in the face blue
Words were choice, and the actions were loud
Opinion grew that this shouldn’t be allowed

All the foreigners wanted, was a better life
Where they were leaving, was full of strife
The British they knew this, but they were losing control
Of their borders and laws, as onward Europe did roll

The eastern Europeans joined and people became sceptic
They treated these foreigners as if they were septic
Romanians, Bulgarians and of course the Poles
Were here for benefits, those were their goals

Hospitals were pressured and wages were slashed
Rent for houses was higher, and the economy crashed
Blame all the foreigners, was often the cry
But it’s the EU to whom this blame should apply

People could move, borders were no more
To the UK voter this became an eyesore
Immigration was up, they felt benefits were exposed
This great European idea, what had it composed?

Resentment grew, and UKIP were born
The British people on this issue were torn
It wasn’t creed or colour, but where was the sense
To get our benefits, they would jump any fence

Common sense dictated, get your own house in order
Before you let people just cross the border
But to Europe no, this was an alien idea
They had no foresight and had no fear

All this union had done is create resentment
The Far Right are rising, there is no contentment
Enoch Powell warned of this, in the Rivers of Blood
We need settled minds, clear water not mud

The referendum is coming, and it’s about time
With any luck the bells of death will chime
On this fanciful idea, of a European state
Open you diaries and make this a date

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