A Tribute to David Frost

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Hello, good evening and welcome
His signature tune, what a catch phrase
Great orations, so soft and velvet
Depth of knowledge, would often amaze

So British, the brilliant David Frost
Articulate and ever so skilled
A journalist who set new boundaries
Determined and so strong willed

He became a formidable presenter
Not one to hold back with his punches
Before the Rumble in the Jungle he spoke with Ali
Followed up one of his hunches

Ali was great and the banter was good
The shadow boxing was oh so maligned
Frost pressed him for more, Ali responded
Wait till I whip Foreman’s behind

A journalistic version of Mount Everest
In 1977 it was Frost’s greatest coup
An American President and the Watergate Scandal
It was the Richard Nixon interview

Five ninety-minute specials were made
Some called it chequebook journalism
The Khmer Rouge and Cambodia were mentioned
Along with Russia and communism

But the big one was Watergate
And how the President had lied
Nixon controlled and held firm
The power of interview Frost denied

Frost paused, held back and reflected
Needed to attack from off the front foot
He probed, surprised and injected
Hit Nixon with the force of his boot

Tricky Dicky was on the ropes
Frost had gained the upper hand
The cracks were beginning to appear
Everything was going as planned

Nixon crumbled he sweated and wilted
On his face developed a frown
Expressing contrition he finally admitted
He had let the American people down

For Frost it was massive success
TV companies implored him to sign
Real credit to a real presenter
A harrier completely divine

He trailed through many world leaders
Thatcher, Reagan and Bush
Never left to rest on their laurels
He questioned, he dug and he pushed

Sadly as a world we lost him
31st August 2013
The media was a poorer place
A better journalist we have not seen

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